What is costing you by not selling your Perry Georgia house.

What is costing you by not selling your Perry Georgia house.

If you have a reason to sell your house in Perry Georgia, it may be a good idea to go ahead and get the job done. Let’s look at how much it could be costing you to NOT sell your Perry house.

Perry house for sale

The Mortgage on the House Your Not Selling

Not selling your house in Perry is going to cost a mortgage payment every month. Most mortgage payments in the Perry Ga area cost between $800-1200 per month. This is a lot of money that could be going to another house, or at the very least, be paid by someone else.

Homeowners Insurance

Each month you hesitate to sell your Perry house is costing about the same amount. Albeit an annual cost, it is still money that will not come back.

Property Taxes

Many people in Georgia don’t know that they pay taxes the closing table. Property, trash, water and other county services are charged to the seller up to the date of closing. Each day you don’t sell your house in Perry Ga, is cost that you pay instead of the buyer.

Maintenance and Repairs

If you sell your Perry house for full retail, you will need to fix up the house and get it move in ready for the new buyers. Unless you sell your house as-is, this cost will not be avoided, but you will pay more the longer you let these repairs go. Get them completed and put the house on the market before any new repairs pop up.

Utility Bills & Other Fees

We mentioned property and city utilities as a tax, but the rest of your utilities have to be maintained too. Electrical, gas, and even HOA’s can continue to cost money you could put toward your next house. The longer you wait, the less you will have to put on your next Perry house.

Opportunity Loss

The real estate market is moving fast in Perry right now. That means the house you do want will be under contract before you have a chance to make an offer. Getting your house sold will make you more ready to put an offer on the house you’re looking at.

Another option is just that… an option. We can take an option to buy your house anytime in the future and give you time to find your next house before we close. That way, when your ready to buy your next house, you will already have a buyer on the hook. This keeps you from missing out on your next favorite house.  

Add up the cost of not selling your house

Typical House in Perry- $150,000

Mortgage-                            $1000

Insurance & Taxes-                $219

Utilities-                                   $415

Total Avg Cost-                    $1634/mth

This does not include repairs or maintenance. That could be going to your next house.

Frustration, Stress, and Anger

Surprises pop up all the time that cause people to need to sell their house. There are also dozens of ways to solve the need to sell your house. It really is nothing to get frustrated about.

If you have a need pop up that requires you to sell your Perry Georgia house, Contact us. Even if we don’t buy your house, advise is always free.

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