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Sell Your Perry Ga House in ten days or less with No Agent Fees or Repairs Costs. We buy houses as-is. Learn How Our Home Buying Process Works!

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Come see our “Smooth Selling” process Welcome to Real Estate Problem Solver, Perry, Ga premium home buyers. Just as the name says, we are a house buying company that solves real estate problems.

We buy, sell and rent houses in and around Perry Georgia. We help homeowners in Perry Ga that need to sell fast or need to sell a house that won’t sell the conventional way (on the MLS). We buy houses to stop foreclosure, to settle a divorce, to help a family close out an inherited house in probate, or help get a military family to their next PCS station on time.

Our job is to help Perry homeowners having trouble with their unwanted house get to a better place. Sometimes, the solution doesn’t require selling the house, but how will you know unless you opt-in? From Lake Joy to the Perry National Fairgrounds, If you need to sell your house, Contact us now!!

How Do I Sell My House Fast In Perry GA?

We specialize in a fast, smooth selling experience and creative solutions. Sell your house as fast as 1, 2, 3!

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When you contact us, we ask a few questions to better understand why you are selling and how we can best help…

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We inspect and make an offer

We inspect the house you are selling in Perry and structure an offer based on your requests.

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  If you agree, We go to closing

We use local real estate attorneys in Macon and Warner Robins, Ga so you know everything is done right.

No Matter What Issues You May Be having, We Can Help You

We are not a good fit for every Perry Homeowner, but It only takes about ten minutes to find out. What problem are you trying to solve? Is your problem in the list below? Then you know your in the right place…, If it’s not listed, that’s ok, chances are we have still solved your problem before too.

GA Home Buyers Your house is in foreclosure

GA Home Buyers Last minute job tranfer or PCS

GA Home Buyers Selling a house to settle a divorce

GA Home Buyers Can’t afford the mortgage payments

GA Home Buyers Selling a house you inherited

GA Home Buyers Tired of being a Perry Ga landlord


Perry GA house seller

Sell Your Unwanted Perry House and Get Back to Family.

Don’t let selling your house keep you awake at night. If your under pressure to sell your house fast, We are here to help you find a solution!

Our “Smooth Selling Program” will make selling your house a no-hassle, problem free process. Cash in hand in ten days or when ever you are ready to close.

If you have somewhere else to be or if the reason you are selling is time-critical, time is of the essence. This is even more reason to contact us. Managing the sale of your house from across country can be a hair pulling experience, once you leave. Get your house sold before you leave. Don’t let an unwanted house cause you any more headaches.

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We buy houses in Perry to fix a multitude of problems; settle a divorce, settle a house in probate or trying to stop a foreclosure, we have answers to all these real estate problems. Don’t let pride get in your way. if you need help…contact us now!!

We buy houses in Perry Georgia

“Chris was great to work with. Made everything easy on me, and was able to help me out EXTREMELY fast! I was surprised at how quick he was. 10 / 10, would work with him again.”

Dustin- Kathleen, Ga

It won’t take ten minutes to find out if we are a good fit for you. You are here, looking for a solution to a problem. Come in and get it!!

Don’t forget why your selling your unwanted Perry house…

  • Need the cash
  • Save the monthly expense
  • Don’t have time to maintain it…

Quit the stress and get some sleep. Advise is free. Sell your Perry Ga house now!!

Your Perry house could be sold in ten days or less. Cash in hand and DONE! Opt-in and see what we can do for you.

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Get a no-obligation offer. No agent fees, we buy houses in Georgia as-is. Be done in less than ten days. For faster service, call (478) 273-0062... We Answer Our own Phone.
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WE ARE LOCAL Perry Ga Home buyers. We Buy Houses as-is, No Need To Clean or repair…

If you have a nice house in a nice neighborhood and the time to sell it, we can refer you to a real estate agent that will really work hard for you. BUT, if your house needs to be sold NOW or if it looks like the one below, just say “buy my Georgia house” and we will buy that house and make it look like new too!

If you scrolled down this far, you ARE interested. What else can we say for you to opt-in?

100% Free

We make our living buying houses, our service is free to you.

Creative House Buying

This is how we buy your Georgia house when no one else can.


We can make multiple offers. There are lots of ways to buy your house.

Sell your house fast

We can close on your unwanted property as fast you want.

Free Consultation

Even if we don’t buy your house, the advise is still free.

Don’t Sell, Lease

If your having a hard time letting go of your Perry House, let us just lease your house from you.

Sell My CT House Fast

We were tired of handling our house on our own and my husband knew Chris. It was an answered prayer! He and his wife took care of everything for us and we never had to worry.  If you are tired of doing things on your own, we encourage you to reach out to Chris. We were very blessed.

If you had not helped me, i would still be renting. My credit is terrible but I’m glad you helped me get a house of my own. Thanks

Sherri- Warner Robins Ga

If you had not helped me, i would still be renting. My credit is terrible but I’m glad you helped me get a house of my own. Thanks

Sherri- Warner Robins Ga

Perry Georgia Review Middle Ga home buyer

Maria- Warner Robins, Ga

If your need to sell (or lease) your Warner Robins Ga house, contact us. In Ten minutes, you will know if we are a good fit!

We can’t work with everyone. But if you don’t opt-in. You will never know!