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How Do I Sell My House Myself?

Real Estate Problem Solver is Middle Georgia’s easiest way to sell Your Home in 1, 2, 3.

1. Connect With Us

When you contact us, we ask a few questions to better understand why you are selling and how we can best help…

2. We Make An Offer

We inspect the house you are selling, structure an offer based on your requests.

3. Get Your Cash!

We use a local real estate attorney in Macon or Warner Robins, Ga


Sell my house fast

We are a Professional House Buying company, not agents. Our job is to solve the real estate problem that brought you here. If you need to sell your home, we can buy. Fast and easy.

Selling your house for cash is a great option for; Pending Foreclosure, Probate, last minute job transfer or military PCS. Find out more below.

If a forbearance has caught up with you, we can help with that too.

Sell Your Military House Fast
and Support The Mission!

Warner Robins, Kathleen and Bonaire Ga are military towns. “Short fuse” orders can force you into a PCS move without warning. We can support our troops by solving your house problem. Sell or lease your house in 10 days or less. You support the mission, we will do our best to provide excellence in all we do as well.

It Only Takes Two Minutes! Get Started Now...

For faster service, call (478) 273-0062... We Answer Our own Phone.
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Need to Sell your house quick?

You don’t have time to play games. Save on mortgage payments, repair costs and agent fees by selling your house to us… as-is. Call now and get a free consultation. It only takes ten minutes to know if we are a good fit for you.

 What Is Your House Selling Situation? We Can Help.

Not every house selling experience is pretty. Don’t let a problem house scare you. Even if you’re having problems like;

“For Sale By Owner” not working

Last minute job or Military Transfer

Selling a House to settle a divorce

Selling a house RE agents won’t touch

Selling a house before Foreclosure 

Settling a house in Probate

We Buy Houses No Matter The Condition

Georgia probate process to sell your house

Need to Sell a House
to Complete a Georgia Probate?

If you need to sell an inherited house in probate, The process can be emotional and over-whelming. We offer probate assistance services to make probating your loved ones estate fast and as smooth as possible. Let us help take that weight off your shoulders. You need a peaceful nights sleep and time with your family.

It Only Takes Two Minutes! Get Started Now...

For faster service, call (478) 273-0062... We Answer Our own Phone.
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Sometimes you need a Real Estate Agent

We make our living by buying houses at a discount or that need rehab help. If you have a nice house that needs no repairs, can be sold on the retail market, you may just need a real estate agent to list your house on the retail market.

If you insist on all cash at top dollar, we now have Real Estate Agent services for nice, market ready houses in the Macon and Warner Robins Georgia area.

Warner Robins realtor

We buy Georgia houses

“I hope I can repay you for all the help you gave me. I will never forget. I hope you and your family are doing ok. You and your wife are wonderful and good people.”

Sell your house in Warner robins Georgia

Mrs. Kiper, Warner Robins– See what People say about us.

Selling your house
could take only ten minutes.
Call and find out if it’s right for you.

Don’t forget why you are here

  • High Mortgage payments gone
  • No vacant house expenses
  • Stop Foreclosure and your credit saved

or do you enjoy sleepless nights and pulling your hair out.

Don’t “Deal” with an unwanted house, Sell it!

Cash in your hand in 10 days or less. Sell that Georgia house you don’t want and be done. Move on to the next chapter in your life. Give us ten minutes and we can tell you what we could do. Give 48 hrs., we can have an offer on paper.

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What else do you get
when we buy your house


Even if we don’t buy your house, we still give free advise

100% free

We make our living buying houses, our service is free to you.

Leasing is an option

If we can’t buy your house, let us just lease your house from you.

Speed is key

We can close on your unwanted house as fast as you want.


We can offer multiple creative ways to buy your house.

Creative house buying

We find creative solutions to buy your Georgia house.

WE ARE LOCAL middle Georgia Home buyers

If you have a nice house in a nice neighborhood and have some time, we can refer you to a real estate agent that will really work hard for you. But, if your house needs to be sold now or if it looks like the one below, just say “buy my Georgia house” and we will buy that house and make it look like new too!

People Love Us, And So Will You

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Georgia home buyer

😊 All These People Can’t Be Wrong! 😊

If you need to sell (or lease) your unwanted Georgia house, contact us. “Ten minutes, tops”, and you’ll know if we are a good fit!

We are not perfect. We can’t work with everyone.
Just as you can’t, but you won’t know until you opt-in.

Macon, Perry, Warner Robins, Hawkinsville , Bonaire Ga. and Kathleen Georgia areas