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You fill out the form below, We come out and look at the house and Ask a few questions, We make an offer on your Georgia unwanted house. If you say “Yes”, we contact the attorney and close… SIMPLE!

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  • Are You In Foreclosure or received a “Power of Sale” (pre-foreclosure)?
  • Own Unwanted Rental Properties?
  • Tired of problem tenants?
  • Do You have a vacant house?
  • Did a Loved one leave you an inherited house?
  • Trying to handle a Last-Minute Job Transfer or military PCS?Sell your house
  • Can’t afford Paying Realtor Commissions?
  • Need to sell your house to settle A Divorce?
  • Do You Have Little or No Equity and Need To Sell?
  • Are you behind on Payments? Are the payments too high?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, we can help!

We are Georgia real estate Professionals. We solve these problems… especially ones that pose a financial burden on you, the homeowner. We can solve almost any financial problem that your house is causing.

Look in the newspaper…

 Georgia Families loss loved ones and inherit houses every month. Houses get foreclosed on every month. LIFE HAPPENS!! Don’t try to handle your real estate problem alone. If you’re not sure how to handle it, Contact us.

Send us information in the form below and We will contact you promptly (usually within 24 hours) – we’ll give you a call and show you the options to help solve your current situation.

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