4 Costs to expect during the probate process in Georgia

Georgia Probate Home buyers

The probate process in Warner Robins Georgia is a long and drawn out chain of events. If you are the Administrator (or Executor) and responsible for settling the estate, these point are good to know.

1. Outstanding Debts of the estate left to be paid.

Georgia probate process

When someone passes away in Warner Robins, it is the executor’s responsibility to publish an announcement in the local paper to all creditor and debtors of the estate in probate. This gives a chance for anyone that is owed money by the estate to claims a settlement. Warner Robins Georgia publishes these listings in the Houston Home Journal for four (4) weeks. Any accounts owed money by the estate should be paid according to state law. If the estate does not have enough money to repay all creditors, you may have to sell the house and other assets until all accounts are paid off or the estate is depleted.

2. Court Fees when probating an estate.

Warner Robins probate process is not difficult, but it can be costly. Most estates have to go thru some part of the probate process, which requires some court fees. The judge must ratify the executor or appointed administrator before the probate process can begin. After the Warner Robins estate of your deceased loved one is settled, the final estate process also has to be signed off by the judge. If estate is large, you may need the help of a probate attorney to keep the process smooth and properly executed.

georgia house in probate

3. Paying Taxes on an inherited house

Oh joy, the probate process gives you the privilege of paying taxes for your deceased loved one as well.  The executor of the estate will be required to file a final tax return for the year of the decedent’s death. Any past due or property taxes owed by the estate will need to be paid to avoid a tax lien or foreclosure.

4. Attorney Fees to complete the probate process

If you are unfamiliar with the Warner Robins Georgia probate process, or the estate has a lot of assets and accounts owed, it may be a good idea to consult a probate attorney. The cost of a probate attorney can range from a fixed price to 5% of an estate’s value. Having an attorney help you will ensure that all creditors owed by the estate will get properly notified and given a chance to claim any debts owed.

Avoiding Probate

The probate process cannot be avoided in Warner Robins Georgia unless the deceased person planned ahead. They could set up one or more trusts with beneficiaries that hold the accounts of the estate (car, bank accounts, stock accounts or their house). An inherited house could be titled as joint tenancy with the right of survivorship. By avoiding probate in Warner Robins Georgia, you will be able to avoid a number of the costs people often face.

If you can’t avoid the probate process, the next best thing is to get thru it a fast and smoothly as possible. We buy inherited houses in Warner Robins many times before the probate process is complete. This allows you to show the judge that part of the estate is complete and he will be able to sign off the completion of the probated estate faster.

Contact us if you need to sell your inherited house or need help with probate services.

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