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Probate Judges in Georgia are very busy and it can take a long time to get a court date.

The more you already have prepared, the smoother the process will go and the fewer times you will need to meet with the courts for approval. If you have someone that knows what the judge is looking for before you set a court date, you will improve your chances of a favorable meeting with the judge. We can make an offer to buy your house in probate if you need to sell it. We can schedule a time to meet with an estate sales professional. We can even schedule a cleaning crew for you if dealing with your loved one’s house is going to be more than you want to handle.

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What are some questions YOU may have about the Georgia Probate process?

How does selling a house in Probate work?

Probate process is a legal process that settles the debts and assets of a deceased person and formally passes their property’s legal title to the intended heirs. A house in probate is inherited by an heir by the direction of the will or sold to settle the estate.

How long does it take to probate a house in Georgia?

Completing the probate process of a house takes at least two months if there are no issues. Issues that cause the probate to take longer include; Multiple heirs inheriting from the estate, not having a properly executed will, heirs living a long way from the location of the deceased person or disputes with the assets of the estate.

What happens if there is no Will?  

An estate can still be probated if there is no Will. In a Will, the deceased person selects a person known as the Executor. If there is no Will, the family agrees on a person to be an administrator of the estate and the local probate judge signs off on this person. If the family can not agree, the judge will appoint an administrator to execute the probate duties.

Am I entitled to inherit the house from the estate?

That depends. Who are you? What does the will say? The probate process of a house goes by the Will in accordance with the Georgia statute first. If there is no Will, the family (approved by the probate Judge) will decide who gets the house and other assets per the Georgia statute.

What if someone violates the terms of the Will?

A valid Will has to be followed unless it violates the Georgia Probate law. If the will is not being followed, the other heirs or beneficiaries may petition the probate judge to settle the dispute.

Losing a loved one is scary enough. Don’t take on the probate process alone. Let us help.

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