Avoid Foreclosure Notice of default

How To Avoid Losing Your House To The Bank

Is the bank getting ready to take back your Georgia House? Have you already tried everything to avoid losing your house? Losing your house to the bank can be humiliating and scary. With the foreclosure process in Georgia taking only four weeks to complete, it doesn’t give you much time to fix this problem. We … Continued

6 times a direct sale of your house makes sense.

Selling directly to a home buyer makes more sense at certain times. Knowing when those times are can save you a lot of time and money. When is a good time to sell my house to a direct home buyer? You Inherited An Unwanted House in Warner Robins Georgia Inheriting a house that needs to … Continued

Sell your house in Georgia -What is it worth

Selling your house in Georgia -What is it worth Before you try to sell your house, it may help to know what your house is worth. How do you decide what to list it for? Do you spend $400 and call an appraiser? Here are a few low-cost tricks to get what you need to … Continued