Before you sell your house, Pay off your debts.

Before you sell your house, Pay off your debts. Right after the 2008 housing bust, the US national average for savings was in the negative numbers. The average person was spending more than they were making and it is starting to go that direction again. That’s why you hear debt relief ads on the radio … Continued

Advantages of a line of Credit, Part 2

Advantages of a line of Credit, part 2 *I am not a financial advisor or a legal advisor. This is for information only, base on personal experience. These tricks are to get out of debt or help save your house from foreclosure. Many people sell their house because they can’t afford the payments after medical … Continued

Sell Your House Faster with these Open House Preparation tips

Simple Open House Preparation Tips: The Most Overlooked Photo via Pixabay by Kirkandmimi   For most homeowners, selling your home requires doing an open house to make the selling process go faster. Getting things ready for an open house is a major job that can take weeks or even months. It’s not just about cleaning; … Continued

Sell your house fast- Improve your home’s worth.

                             Image Courtesy of   How to Improve Your Home’s Worth | Focus on the External   If you’re hoping to increase your home’s value, it may be time to invest in curb appeal. This describes how attractive your home is … Continued

Before you sell your house- Use a line of credit.

Many people have no idea the differences between a loan and a Line of Credit. Here is where you will be amazed or baffled (if you can keep up with the math). Loan- You go to the bank to borrow money. They pay for the item you are interested in (house, car, boat, etc.) and … Continued