Sell Your House Faster with these Open House Preparation tips

Simple Open House Preparation Tips: The Most Overlooked Photo via Pixabay by Kirkandmimi   For most homeowners, selling your home requires doing an open house to make the selling process go faster. Getting things ready for an open house is a major job that can take weeks or even months. It’s not just about cleaning; … Continued

Sell your house fast- Improve your home’s worth.

                             Image Courtesy of   How to Improve Your Home’s Worth | Focus on the External   If you’re hoping to increase your home’s value, it may be time to invest in curb appeal. This describes how attractive your home is … Continued

Before you sell your house- Use a line of credit.

Many people have no idea the differences between a loan and a Line of Credit. Here is where you will be amazed or baffled (if you can keep up with the math). Loan- You go to the bank to borrow money. They pay for the item you are interested in (house, car, boat, etc.) and … Continued

Another vacant house 478 273 0062

We Buy Houses. If you have a vacant House in Macon Perry or Warner Robins and Don’t know what to do with it, Call us now. Sell your house for cash, as-is and in ten days or less.

Sell your house Tired Landlord- Case Studies

Sell your house Tired Landlord- Case Studies We have many people call us to sell their house for many reasons. One common situation comes from tired or frustrated landlords. Here is a case we just had recently. We had a seller call us asking to “buy my rental house”. After we dug into the situation, … Continued

Foreclosure Process

The Georgia Foreclosure Process Not a legal foreclosure reference. For information only. A Little History In 2008, a lot of people learned the hard way how the foreclosure process works. In the height of the housing bust, the middle Georgia area (Warner Robins, Macon, Perry, etc.) averaged over a thousand foreclosures every month. Home values … Continued

Checklist to sell your house fast

One of the most frustrating tasks in any real estate Market is Selling Your House Fast. Even with the real estate market in Warner Robins and Macon as good as it is right now, there are houses that just don’t sell fast. Most buyers are looking for the perfect home for sale at an auction … Continued