Selling My House After a Divorce

Selling My House After  a Divorce

Divorce is a leading cause for people to sell their home.

Selling a house after divorce is undoubtedly one of the most distressing and unsettling events a person can go through. It is not uncommon for couples to find themselves in a protracted and emotionally fraught process of selling a home after a divorce. At Real Estate Problem Solver, we regularly buy homes from divorced couples, and we know that selling a house after a divorce can be as burdensome as the divorce itself.

The slow process of separating

Divored Couple

Divorce often leaves people feeling overwhelmed and unsure of where to begin. They are left with the daunting task of moving their belongings out, finding a lawyer, selling most of their possessions because they cannot take them to their new, smaller place, and, most of all, selling their house after a divorce because neither of them wants to deal with the memories (or can’t afford it alone).

It is not uncommon for two people who want to sell their home quickly to drag out the process because they do not want to speak to one another. This is particularly true when they are trying to sell their home. The house may at too high a price, thinking that the extra money will make up for their emotional loss. This results in the house staying on the market longer and prolonging the situation they are trying to get past.

┬áTreating the divorce couple’s house as a tool for revenge or holding onto it for emotional reasons is not productive either. In fact, it often results in the same results as pricing the house too high. We have developed solutions that get the job done quickly and efficiently. We can buy houses in ten days or less, which makes everyone involved in the divorce happy.

Divorced house solutions

First, we recommend that you treat the process as a business transaction. Try to detach yourself emotionally from the house, especially if both parties still live there. Going out to lunch and talking about it like a business will help to lower the emotional stress because you are not staring at the house you are trying to sell.

With this said, selling a house in a divorce may go smoother by assigning one person to sell the house. The decision making process may go faster when letting one person handle the details. A couple can make a separate agreement later (with the courts, if necessary) as to how the proceeds are handled. If both of you are on the deed, it may also help to remove the person standing down to quit claim their interest in the house to the other person. This will prevent the non-selling party from dealing with closing and other administrative parts of selling the house.

sell your house

Next, we look for another house for sale that you may want to move into. This will give each person something better to look forward to and will get your mind off the issue at hand for a while, allowing you to clear your head. Real Estate Problem Solver now offers real estate agent services, so we can help you find a new home that fits your needs. Having all the services you need in one place help make any process go smoother.

Most people selling a house after a divorce want the whole process done as fast as possible. Because of this, Real Estate Problem Solver developed custom solutions to fit this situation. We can buy houses in ten days or less, which makes everyone Happy. BUT, In order to make the selling process as smooth as possible, we will sit down with each person separately and work out the details as we go. There is always a solution if you look.

We hope this helps and wish you good luck in the process of selling your house after a divorce.

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