6 times selling to a direct house buyer makes sense.

Selling directly to a home buyer makes more sense at certain times. Knowing when those times are can save you a lot of time and money.

When is a good time to sell my house to a direct home buyer?

1. You Inherited An Unwanted House in Warner Robins Georgia

We buy houses in Probate

Inheriting a house that needs to go thru probate is an emotional time. If you live out of state, that can make things even more time consuming and frustrating. “We buy houses” companies don’t mind buying an inherited house as-is. This will save you on clean-up and repairs to the house that can cost you multiple trips from another state.

If you think you have to finish the probate process before you can sell the house, think again. The house can be put under contract and ready to sell before the probate process is complete. Showing the house is being bought can help the probate judge approve your final probate faster.

2. Home repairs cost too much

we buy houses as-is

Many people try to list their house on the MLS that needs lots of repairs. The truth is, most people buying a house off the MLS want turn-key ready houses so they can move right in. Many are not willing to make an offer on a house that needs repairs.

Direct home buyers in Warner Robins specialize in buying houses that need repairs. That’s how they make a living. Since they buy houses with cash, there is also less time to closing than a retail buyer.

3. Your Investment Property Isn’t Paying Off

If your Warner Robins rental property is not making the money you were hoping for, a direct home buyer may be the best solution for you. “We buy houses” companies are investors too. They are the best choice if you need to sell an occupied rental that is under contract.

Tenants take 60 days to remove before you can put the house on the market. Home buyers can buy the rental as-is and how-is now. This can save a lot of time. The tenant won’t even have to move out.

4. Selling your house when time could cost money

Most Warner Robins sellers put their house on the market after they find the house of their dreams. The problem is trying to sell their house in the 45 days it takes to close on the house they found. Most of the time, it doesn’t work out that way.

The biggest benefit to working with a direct house buyer is speed. We really can buy your house in Warner Robins in ten days if you need a fast closing. House buyers make money solving real estate problems. Speed is always a problem in selling a house you don’t want.

5. Georgia Foreclosure moves fast, we move faster

Avoid Foreclosure Notice of default

A foreclosure on your credit report can stop you from getting another house for the next seven (7) years. A professional house buyer like Real Estate Problem Solver specializes in avoiding foreclosure and helping you limit the loss. You may still loose your house, but save your credit to buy another house sooner. We may even stop the foreclosure, but we have to move fast!

Georgia foreclosure takes four weeks to be completed. That’s not a lot of time. Selling your house fast can save your credit for another house later. Taking the foreclosure hit on your credit report can have you renting for a while.

6. Selling a house in the Divorce

selling my house in divorce

Divorce is the separation of a couple that decided they can’t stay together. Unfortunately, you still have to stay together long enough to sell the house you bought. Divorce can drag out selling a house for a while if two people don’t want to cooperate on this last part of the divorce.

House buyers can offer more creative solutions than a regular real estate agent for situations like this. A professional house buyer can get the transaction complete faster with cash and get both of you on your way faster and with less headache.

We love talking real estate. If you are curious about how we can buy your house, contact us.

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