How to Sell My Georgia House in a Divorce

Selling My Georgia House in a Divorce

selling bonaire georgia house in divorce

Divorce is a leading cause for people to sell their home. Selling a house during a divorce can be as nerve racking as the divorce itself. This life change is already causing hurt feelings and crying to sleep many nights. Don’t let selling your house add more emotional drain on you. We buy houses from divorcing couples quite often and it doesn’t have to be a hassle.

Two people that decide it’s better if they live apart will, most times, already have harsh feeling towards each other. Having to work together to sell a house fast as part of the divorce process can drag the process out too long. You already don’t want to speak to each other.

How are you going to be civil to each other in a divorce long enough to sell your house?

Many divorcing couples will try to sell a house at too high a price, thinking the extra money will make up for an emotional loss. This results in the house staying on the market longer and prolonging the situation they are trying to get out of. Another House selling folly is treating the house as a revenge tool. This also causes the same result. You will only make selling a house more difficult. BUT, it doesn’t have to be this way. As we say in the south, “just git er’ done”. Here are a few ideas that will make selling your house after divorce a little easier.

Selling your Divorce split house

First, selling a house that use to be a home is emotional, especially if both of you still live in the house. Go out to lunch and talk about it like a business. If you want to move on with your lives in different directions, then you should no longer think of this house as a home anymore. It’s now business. Every day, people trade things they want less for things they want more. A house that is of no interest to either of you should fall into the same category. There are new memories to be made and another chapter of life to look forward to. Would you rather spend time fighting over a house the judge told you to sell or sell the house now and go find new things to spend your time on? That’s why we buy houses fast, it helps the process with less emotional stress, and it gets you to a happier place faster.

Next, go look for your own “house for sale” that you may want to move into. This will give each of you a job to do away from the other. This will also get your mind off the issue at hand for a while, gives you time to clear your head.

Most people selling a house after a divorce want the whole process done as fast as possible. Because of this, Real Estate Problem Solver develops solutions that get the job done. We can buy Georgia houses in ten days or less, which makes everyone happy.

BUT, in order to do this, we sit down at a location away from the house for sell and come up with a proposal that works for each of you. The second-best option is to meet with each of separately, find the common ground and work out the details as we go. Once we buy your house, the judge will be happy and you will no longer have anything else tying you to your old life. There is always a solution if you look. We hope this helps and good luck.

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