How to Sell your House by Yourself (without an agent) in Warner Robins: A Short Guide

Sell your house yourself warner robins

Selling your house yourself is not that difficult. Have you ever sold a large item like a Car, boat or motorcycle before? Then you can sell your own house. Real Estate agents will try to convince you otherwise, but so will a car dealer.

You landed on this page about “How to sell your house by yourself in Warner Robins” because of a few reasons I’m guessing…

  • You don’t like dealing with real estate agents
  • There is not enough equity in the house to pay an agent and break even at closing
  • Your just want to get as much out of the house for yourself

Whatever the reason, you can sell your own house in Georgia pretty easily.

How To Sell Your Warner Robins House By Yourself – Let’s Dive In

Know The Warner Robins Real Estate Market

Sell my house without an agent

First thing to do is learn how much your Warner Robins house is worth. Look at “sold houses” in your neighborhood. Site like Zillow, Eppraisal¬†or find comparable houses that can give you a better idea. Most Georgia counties house sale records are accessible at QPublic. This provides tax records and previous sales.

Also, we are professional home buyers. We know the market in most neighborhoods in Houston county. You can always contact us. Also, talk to your neighbors that have moved into the area recently. If they are willing, ask what they bought their house for. Compare their house to yours. This will give you a good idea for what your house is worth. These days, most houses in the same build phase and year are pretty similar. Neighborhoods less than fifteen years and have not been “customized” are usually close to the same price.

Asses your local market before selling your house.

Is the market doing better now than when you bought or worse? If you bought in 2005-2008, you bought at the top of the market back then. If your Selling your house during or right after the corona pandemic, you will get a great price. The number of houses on market are very low and anyone willing to sell can get top dollar. Look at the online real estate websites that show “days on market”. If most of recently sold houses were sold in less than 90 days on market, It is a good time to sell your house yourself. If DOM is longer than 90 days, you may want to look at a home buyer for more creative options.

Inspect your house before selling

sold my warner robins house myself

How does your house look? Warner Robins housing market has had a steady supply full of nice, “new construction” houses for a long time. If your house is in need of repairs, it may take a strong sellers market to get top dollar. Inspect your house (Or better yet, go ahead and order a formal home inspection). This gives you an idea of what your buyers will find. You can decide now, whether you want to fix anything or sell your house as-is.

Any structural problems and building code violations you find really should be fixed before you put your house on the market. These kind of repairs can scare off many buyers. Don’t try to cut corners on these issues. Prospective buyers will find them and tell others.

Cosmetic repairs on a house your selling is up to you. Buyers see these issues first and form the first opinions off this. We like to change the carpet and paint at a minimum (Funny, what people see is the least important part of the house, but can affect your sales price the most).

Run your numbers. Doing repairs may cost more to do than you will get in the sale of your house. You will have to gauge what you can leave and what needs to be fixed before selling (Don’t forget, we will buy the house as-is…. Just sayin’).

Take Photos or Videos of the house you are selling

Taking Pictures (and videos, if possible)of the house your selling is crucial. This is a military town. Many of the buyers that may be interested in your house are not even in Warner Robins yet. Covid-19 pandemic has pushed even more house buyers in shopping online first, before they go out in person. If they don’t like your house online, you will never see them.

Take lots of good pictures and videos that you can upload to a selling site. Pictures of the Front of the house, Kitchen and bathrooms are a big selling part. But don’t forget the backyard, living room, bathrooms and special features that are unique to the house. They want lots of pictures and videos before they bother driving around.

Now you have to market your house

The world wide web is full of “sell yourself” websites to list your house. Make sure to use the same information on each listing, so there is no confusion. For sale by owner, Military by owner and are just a few. There are also flat fee agents that will list your house on the MLS, but that’s all they will do. You are responsible for showing, negotiating, drawing up the papers and sending the sales agreement to the attorney for closing.

Place ads in the local newspaper, signs on the roads, and hold an open house.

All of this sounds like a lot of work to sell my House Myself.

find a closing attorney for the house you are selling

It can be. Once you have people calling to see the house, you have to make the house available for them. Dozens of people will call at all hours (even on Sunday) to come see the house. Many may not even be that serious, they just like seeing houses.

Now that you have a serious buyer and an agreed purchase contract, call the attorney for a closing. In 30-45 days, the house should be sold. Be aware that many times, the first person that you sell your house to may not be able to follow thru. If they get a loan from a mortgage company, there are lots of things the loan company can do last minute to stop the closing.

Make sure you keep in contact with your buyer and their mortgage company, so you don’t get surprised at the closing table. Also, check with the closing attorney to ensure that they received all the papers they require to close form all parties involved.

An easier way to sell my house

Of course We are not going to write a blog without tooting our own horn.

If your not interested in all the paperwork and dozens of people coming thru your house, you can always contact us. We can make a fair offer and do all the footwork. One direct house buyer, one purchase agreement and DONE.

Have you sold a house before? How was it? Leave a comment if you need any help.

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Good Luck

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