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My name is Chris and this my wife Denise. If you work at Robins AFB, you have probably seen me. Denise spends a lot of her time running between Hawkinsville and Warner Robins. This is our company story…

We started buying rental properties 2001 (when it was easy). We tried to do it all ourselves. Once 2008 came along, we realized we were in trouble. In 2010, we surrendered the rental houses we had to the bank and decided to gave it up.

After realizing real estate was in my blood, I went back and studied EVERYDAY for a year.

Warner robins Home buyers

We tried again (Denise fighting me the whole way). With our new found education, we started Real Estate Problem Solver in 2013 and have been “full steam ahead” ever since. We found a new calling, helping people in uncomfortable situations with their house and offering solutions to get them back in a better place. I analyze the numbers and finances to structure a solution, Denise consults the clients, manages the contractors and makes sure everyone is on the same page (She is the social Butterfly).  

We quickly realized just how many homeowners in Warner Robins needed help. Home owners that have an extra house, keeping up with two mortgages. People in foreclosure that didn’t have to be. Landlords (like we used to be) barely holding on to the income they made on their rentals. Some homeowners that live in the family house, but could not afford to fix it up. These are all real estate problems we can fix.

During 2008, We found even more homeowners that were ok, as long as nothing went wrong. As soon as trouble hit, it was hard for them to recover.

We started our company because I love real estate. I love to solve problems. Denise is a social butterfly, as I mentioned, she loves helping people in general. Real Estate is a great way for us to meet new people and learn more about the community we live in. We live in Hawkinsville Georgia, we have friends and family all across Warner Robins, Bonaire and Macon Georgia. This is our way of keeping middle Georgia looking and running it’s best.

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If you have a real estate related problem and need some advice, just call us. Even if we don’t “do a deal”, Advise is always free around here.   

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