Checklist to sell your house fast

One of the most frustrating tasks in any real estate Market is Selling Your House Fast.

Even with the real estate market in Warner Robins and Macon as good as it is right now, there are houses that just don’t sell fast.

Most buyers are looking for the perfect home for sale at an auction price. That has never been more pronounced than in our current market. It seems as though your home is never quit good enough for the dozens of people walking through your home. Here are some tips that may tip the scales in your fever.

First appearance is indeed everything to sell your house fast. The two features that hit a buyer’s eye first are the yard and the front door. Have a landscaper or yourself do a good clean up and make sure all shrubs are trimmed, or if it is close to winter, cut to a foot high. Showing pride in the landscape will be seen by the buyers. It is worth a few dollars to get the seller to stop.

Next would be the front door. If your budget will allow it, buy a replacement door with some style. Don’t kill your budget, but a nice looking front door gives a feeling of importance and really says “welcome”. Perry, Hawkinsville and Kathleen areas are known for their friendly sense of community. Let it show.

Once inside, the two best places to impress a home buyer is the bathroom and the kitchen. Face it, when buying a home, ninety percent of the time, the buyer is a woman or a woman has the controlling vote (well, it’s true) and these are the areas they look at hardest. Some inexpensive cleaning, trim work and touch-ups can do wonders. These areas should be comparable to a five star hotel.

Lastly, Have an open house and invite agents to bring their buyers all on a day that you choose. That way, you control how much of your day is disturbed. If you really want to hook people the first time, forget the sense and oils, BAKE CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES. I’m serious, add some decent chairs to the kitchen, fill the frig. with bottled water and bake cookies. Show the buyers what kind of atmosphere they can enjoy in their new home. If you don’t have time do go thru all this to sell your house fast, contact us and we can buy your house now. That’s why I am the real estate problem solver, I can find a real estate solution for you.

Good Luck

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