Sell your House Faster and Save Money with a Budget Bathroom Remodeling


Sell Your House Faster and Save Yourself Big Bucks with a Budget Bathroom Remodeling

remodel bathroom to sell house

Updating and remodeling a home can seem costly, but there are ways to save money. If you’re looking to sell your house or just improve it for yourself, you can do so on a reasonable budget. Bathroom remodeling can give you the most bang for your dollar in resell value if your trying to sell your house and it improves one of the woman’s favorite places (besides the kitchen). However, not all remodeling should be DIY; sometimes it pays to hire a professional. Below are some budget-friendly tips to get you started on your bathroom remodeling project.


Set a Budget and Saving Money


Before thinking about savings, ask yourself what you want from your bathroom remodeling project. Knowing what the goals are and having a clear vision for your bathroom can be the foundation of a budget. Is this remodeling for personal use or to strengthen a future house sale? You may want to consider which fixtures and furnishings offer the most return on investment. New tiling and faucets, for instance, can offer excellent ROI. Once you have decided on the areas you would like to focus on, break down those projected costs. What might you be able to DIY without bringing in contractors? What are the average prices for the changes you want? Are there cheaper alternatives or local stores to utilize? If you have big projects in mind, the best bet is contractors, but be sure to look around to get the most reputable deal for you.


Even with a set budget, you may still be able to save before you even start shopping. For instance, you can take advantage of savings and cashback offers from retailers such as Lowe’s that could potentially save you hundreds of dollars. Equally, shop around the clearance section of home improvement stores like Home Depot to see what is on offer. You may find the perfect set of paints to transform your bathroom’s appearance. If you find something you absolutely adore but it’s a bit too pricey, wait a bit. When we built our house, We shopped for everything a year or more before to get the cheapest price. Remodeling is no different. Unless you’re under a time crunch, waiting can lead to sales, which can see prices for your dream items drop drastically. Further, don’t take out a loan or use credit if you can avoid it. Interest can add up quickly, and you’ll end up paying much more than if you had stuck to what you can afford now in cash. That may mean you need to take time to save up a bit more, but that’s okay. It allows you more time for planning, anyway.


Substitute Materials

 Yes, that granite surface would look amazing, but such materials can easily blow a hole in a budget. This is a budge bathroom remodel. Save money by choosing more economical substitutes. Don’t expect them to look cheaper, though. There many options that look just as good. More families are looking to save on their remodeling, and with demand has come ever-increasing quality. The same goes for certain fixtures. Considering a new toilet or cabinet? Well, you don’t have to buy the most expensive one to get a good ROI. Whether your selling your house or remodeling for yourself, these are parts of the bathroom most people can do. Materials like vinyl may have a bad rap, but they now look amazing and are resilient. Be smart about where you can compromise on materials. If you adore the look of tile but balk at the price, you can substitute a less expensive material and paint it to appear like a tile masterpiece on your floor. We buy houses. A trick we use on houses that have the old tile in good condition is recoating. The old blue, green and pink bathrooms from the 60’s and 70’s can be “acid eched” and recoated. This is a much cheaper alternate to retiling. Then, a few coats of polyurethane can keep things waterproof and bathroom safe. Additionally, you can use cost-cutting sites like Groupon to help you save money on hardware and materials.


Used Alternatives


It may seem strange that an upgrade to you might include someone else’s old goods, but it’s a surprisingly affordable solution. Get creative. Reuse materials from other areas of the house, like turning plumbing fixtures from homes to be demolished into towel racks. Think about what cohesive look you’d like for your rooms. Updating your fixtures may not take much capital, but you may see a marked difference in how your home looks, and what it sells for. If you aren’t looking for something industrial, you could try online listings such as Craigslist or Facebook Market. You may be able to find things that would otherwise be out of your price range.


Don’t think you need to spend plenty of bucks to see a good ROI if you’re planning on selling your home. With a bit of DIY, bargain hunting, and the proper budgeting, you can change how your bathrooms look. After all, this is one area we want to feel comfortable in, so it’s wise to invest in a transformation that’s both functional and cozy.


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