Should i find an investor to buy my house in Warner Robins

“I Need an Investor to Buy My House”.

This search Query has popped up on the internet a lot lately. Why is it that people are looking for an investor to buy their house? What is the advantage to having an investor buy my home? The general public is moving into a new way of thinking about how to sell their house fast.

Companies that buy houses are run, more times than not, by investors who buy houses.

These “We Buy Houses” Companies, like Real Estate Problem Solver, are moving up in the ranks with the normal real estate agent. The general public is now learning that house buyers are just as common, knowledgeable and creditable as real estate agents. The difference is, they buy your house, not list it.

Many years ago, real estate agents were a very important person to have when it came time to sell your house. They had the tricks to make your house look nice, how to find buyers, and most importantly, how to make all the ends meet. By this I mean that agents knew how to structure a truncation that made both sides happy, even if it was not just a, “cash from the bank and buy the house” deal. Agents have become so niche oriented, most of them only know one way to sell a house. If it won’t sell by those rules, OH WELL. Finding an investor to buy my house is like finding an agent from the old days.

Sell house fast georgia
Real Estate Problem Solver

The new wave of home buyers are developing into teams of “deal makers” that know how to structure a deal to buy your house now. Much like the agents used to do in the 60’s and 70’s. The advantages to this is time. A great house may sell fast, but a less than great house may sit on the market for a long time. Agents make the most money by selling the most houses OR the highest priced houses. If your house does not fit in that “cookie cutter” world, it may not get the attention it needs to sell. On the other hand, an investor is the buyer and will talk to you directly. Most investors buy the house as-is, they don’t ask you to put thousands of dollars (you may not have) into the house just to hopefully get that money back out later when the house sells. While an agent tries to get you the highest price, Real Estate investors try to get the house moved, NOW. Selling a house now instead of paying six to ten months of mortgage payments on an empty house is well worth the lower sales price to some people. They understand that the money they save on mortgage payments they don’t have to make is equal to or more than the discount they gave to sell the house fast. The other advantage comes with the hassle-free sale of their house, no open houses or last minute showing that are so inconvenient. Also, Many times, the right investor is willing to pay more for your house than an owner occupant. I would look for an investor to buy my house first before I looked anywhere else.

If your time is worth more to you than waiting to list your house, Find an investor to buy your house right here. Advise is free and there are plenty of options to shop around.

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