Understanding the Foreclosure Process in Georgia

Understanding the foreclosure process in is an important part of navigating your own home foreclosure. Before we dive in… What is foreclosure anyway? Foreclosure is the legal process that lenders use to take back property securing a loan, generally after the borrower stops making payments. Foreclosure is no fun.  But just know that it’s not the … Continued

Securing a vacant house in Macon, Warner Robins

  Securing a vacant house can save you from hundreds of dollars in repairs in the future. If you have a vacant house that you are responsible for, then read this and get some ideas on ensuring your vacant house does not become a demolition project. If you drive around this fair city of ours, … Continued

The Real Price To Sell My House

The Real Price To Sell My House Fast “I want to sell my house at full market price, for all cash, tomorrow. I want the buyer to pay all closing costs and the mortgage company to forgive my loan and let me keep all the proceeds” We buy houses by trade and talk to a … Continued

Preparing for Hurricane Irma In Macon, Warner Robins.

Preparing for hurricane Irma in Hurricane Irma in was a wild ride and for many people who are just now getting power back after a week in the dark are learning to appreciate the luxuries like electricity and running water when they have them. Hurricane Irma did a lot of damage in Florida, but over … Continued

Tax Tips for Home Buyers

Tax tips for home buyers Taxes play a big role for home buyers. Here are some tax tips for home buyers that will help with the finances later. Let me explain. You’re currently a renter. You rent every month for a “unit” you don’t own. At the end of the year, you cannot claim your … Continued

Sell My Vacant House

Why I Should Sell my vacant House in . We have been getting numerous calls about houses homeowners want to sell that are vacant. They want to sell a vacant house that has been left empty for a year or more. if you have a vacant house in [market city], here are some good reasons … Continued