Preparing for Hurricane Irma In Macon, Warner Robins.

Preparing for hurricane Irma in Hurricane Irma in was a wild ride and for many people who are just now getting power back after a week in the dark are learning to appreciate the luxuries like electricity and running water when they have them. Hurricane Irma did a lot of damage in Florida, but over … Continued

Tax Tips for Home Buyers

Tax tips for home buyers Taxes play a big role for home buyers. Here are some tax tips for home buyers that will help with the finances later. Let me explain. You’re currently a renter. You rent every month for a “unit” you don’t own. At the end of the year, you cannot claim your … Continued

Sell My Vacant House in Macon, Warner Robins

Why I Should Sell my vacant House in . We have been getting numerous calls about houses homeowners want to sell that are vacant. They want to sell a vacant house that has been left empty for a year or more. if you have a vacant house in [market city], here are some good reasons … Continued