5 Things You Should Know About Selling Your Mobile Home in Georgia

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Selling a mobile home in Hawkinsville Ga can uncover a lot of points you may not have thought of. Listing the mobile home with an agent, sell it yourself, sell your mobile by itself or on land are a few things your need to think about.  

Understanding the Buyer

If you sell your Hawkinsville mobile home with an agent, you can expect to pay 6% commission for their service. This also means most of the buyers will be retail consumers that have to qualify for a bank loan to buy your house. This can take a couple months to a year or more. There not a lot of banks that like lending on mobile homes.

Investor mobile home buyers usually pay with cash. They know what to do and don’t waste time closing on the house. You may not get as much for the house, but the mobile home will be sold in less time.

No Preparation Necessary

The general public that wants to buy your mobile home in Hawkinsville will usually be buying the house for themselves. They will want the house pretty and move-in ready before they buy. Are you willing to go thru that?

Most mobile home buyers buy the house as-is. They want the cheapest price they can get, so they are willing to save you the repair cost in exchange for a lower price. Another point to think about.

Extended Occupancy

Professional mobile home buyers want the house for an investment. They will not move in. They will also not usually rent it out the very next day. Many will be willing to let you have a couple days to get your stuff moved. Some may even rent the mobile home back to you if that helps.

Sell With Confidence

There are a lot of buyers that can’t wait to buy a house right now, but even the most desperate buyers don’t have everything they need to get to closing on your mobile home. Some of your offers will fall thru. Learn the process of buying a used mobile home in Hawkinsville from a bank that does mobile home loans.

Professional Hawkinsville mobile home buyers have been buying other mobile homes around the area, so they should have everything they need lined up to buy your house.

How are you selling your Hawkinsville mobile home?

Mobile homes can be sold by themselves or sold as a land-home package. A mobile home already set up on land will, of course, be more valuable than just the mobile home by itself.

If you need to sell just your mobile home without the land, be ready to get lower offer. Not because the land is not included, but because the number of people looking for just a mobile home are fewer. Also, the tear down and set up fees of moving a mobile home cut into the total cost. People willing to buy a mobile home that needs to be moved have to add those costs into the total.

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