Prepping a House to Sell

Prepping a house to sell in Warner Robins

prepping my house to sell

Trying to sell a house can be time consuming and drag out for months if the house does not look its best. Prepping a house to sell can make the wait for a buyer a little shorter. Read this short story and try this when you get ready to sell your house.

I called a friend of mine that had not been to my house in a year or so. I was prepping my house to sell and she had not seen my house for a while. I wanted her to give me a clear unbiased opinion of the condition of my house and what she saw that needed to fix.

As she got out of the car, she asked when the last time I mowed the grass, Tip 1. She knew I was prepping my house to sell and she came prepared to critique my home to the max.

We started with the outside. She noticed the Shrubs had not been trimmed and some vines started growing on the side of the house. Grass was growing in the gutters so, of course, she popped me for letting the house get that bad. Other small house repairs she noticed were: replace a board on the eave, paint the eaves and shutters and wash the pine needles off the roof. Simple housekeeping stuff (Tip 2, curb appeal) that will take a day to fix, but makes a big difference.

Next, she walked in the house like she owned it (I told her to). The family entrance is usually different than the entrance quests use. She immediately noticed the smell of my cat. That had to be fixed. People inspect a house for sale with their nose as much as their eyes. Prepping a house to sell does not just involve fixing parts of the house, it also includes fixing the smells you have gotten used to (Tip 3, nose check). Once that was pointed out, we moved into the rest of the house. She asked if we were ready to move. I told her we were and she promptly asked why all our stuff was laying around like it was just another day. We hadn’t packed a thing. People are shopping for THEIR new home, not yours (Tip 4, Staging a house). She told me to pack all the personal items I could and get them out of eye site. People can’t see themselves in a new house if it looks like someone else lives there. If I had already moved out, she said she would have pushed me to bring some furniture back in for staging. Prepping a house to sell includes making the house look inviting to a buyer. Some furnishings left in the house look better than a completely empty house.

I was handed a chore list of cleaning, yard work, pick up the personal items and Cleaning the carpet and walls as much as possible and fix as much of the simple items as I could (outlet covers, holes in the wall, etc.). Things that I am used to seeing didn’t get past her keen eye. Having another person help me prepare my house to sell made a big difference.

If you need help prepping a house to sell, give us a call. We will be happy to help.

Good Luck.

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