Compare Listing on the MLS To A Direct home buyer of Your House In Bonaire

sell my house fast in bonaire

With all the options that are now available, Is listing your house with an agent the best way to go? This post will compare Listing on the MLS To A Direct home buyer in Ga.

If you want to just sell your Bonaire Georgia house fast to a direct home buyer, You can always contact us. But I digress…

The Timeframe

Listing Your house: 

Although selling your house in Bonaire Georgia is much faster than most states, even if the buyer is using conventional financing, listing a house for sale will take a minimum of two months.

If you have a good agent and finds you a buyer the first day it is listed AND you agree with the offer, you still lots to wait for. They will have to schedule an inspection. The inspection has to go to the underwriter for approval. If (big if) the inspector finds nothing wrong (which never happens), the bank will finish approving the loan for your buyer.

Bonaire listing open house

Now the closing attorney can do the title work and schedule your closing. If your house sells fast, then chances are, other houses are selling fast also. This means the attorney is going to be busy! It may take a while to get a closing date.

That is a simple example and it still took two months to shake hands give away your house keys.

Sell your Bonaire house fast

A Direct Sale: Georgia also has just as many Direct home buyers.

IBuyers (or Instant Buyer) are local home buyers that come and buy your house directly from you. These companies usually can buy your house in 10 days or less, depending on the situation. If you are looking to get your Bonaire Georgia house sold fast, this is the way to go.

The Costs

Listing Your house: 

Listing with an agent does not cost anything up front, but there are cost that can sneak up on you. Bonaire Ga, agents get 6% commission for listing a house and 5% if the house is bigger.

Most agents will pay for initial marketing and listing on the MLS, but Premium listings can cost extra. If you decide to stage the property, that will cost extra. Also, if your house is not in the best condition, the agent will ask that you do some repairs to make the house look it’s best.

Selling you house directly:

 Compare Listing on the MLS To A Direct home buyer, Real Estate Problem Solver wins. Direct selling is an as-is sale. Direct home buyers buy houses in Bonaire as they sit. No clean up, no repairs. Simple.

The Work

Listing your house: 

Most real estate agents are great at listing your Bonaire Ga house on the market and getting it out there to sell, but if there is any clean up, maintenance or repairs, that falls on you.

What if you get talked into changing the carpet? Now you have nice carpet and old wall paint. What if you decide to update the kitchen and now the bathrooms don’t match? Repairs can get out of hand quick.

A Direct House Sale: 

Direct house buyers in Bonaire buy as-is. No repairs required. All you have to do is clear out what you want to keep and we will handle the rest. We will communicate with you throughout the entire process so you know exactly what is happening and when.

The Results

Listing Your House: 

If you have a good agent, listing with a real estate agent can, in many cases, get you the most money for your house in Bonaire. The bad side is that 10-20% of that goes back out in costs.

A Direct Home Buyer Sale: 

Sell your Bonsire Georgia house fast

Real Estate Problem Solver will buy your Bonaire house directly from you. You will not get as much for your house as listing, but you will save time and repair costs. Many times, you end up with more cash in your pocket than listing.

We will make you an offer and that is what you will receive. We will close when we say, never giving you the runaround or making you wait while we find a buyer for your house.

Contact us today to learn more about a direct sale of your house in Bonaire Ga!

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