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“I have a house I inherited in Warner Robins Georgia. Do I sell it or keep it? How do I handle a Probate in Georgia?”

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We work with heirs of deceased loved ones that need help with probating a house.

We can buy or Lease your inherited house in the Warner Robins Georgia area.

We work with local Georgia Probate attorneys who can help you thru this difficult task of probating a loved ones estate.

The 3 important tips that may help are…

inherited house in warner robins
  1. The Probate process for an inherited house in Georgia will have to be started by filing with the court. If there is a will, the executor is approved by the judge and the estate can be settled as needed by the executor handling the estate. Probate in Georgia (as with most states) takes longer without a will. Someone has to apply for “Administrator” of the will to settle the your Georgia probate.
  2. Georgia Probate process can take as little as 8 weeks or longer than a year. Announcements will have to be made in the local paper for other heirs and creditors to be notified of the decedent’s passing. Having a local Probate attorney in Georgia can help make the probate process smoother. We have local attorneys we work with every day.
  3. All debts of the estate will have to be paid in the Georgia probate process. Once all the heirs agree if the remaining assets in the estate will be sold or kept, the judge signs off on the final decision and that is it.

Other Georgia inherited house heirs,

“I have never had to deal with a probate in Georgia before. I’m glad you called and helped me. Enjoy the house. Thanks!” Kevin Scott., Miami, FL

“You are such a wonderful man. And I love your wife. I’m not coming back to live in Georgia and I didn’t have time to get mom’s house ready to sell. That was a big burden you took off my hands. Thank you both.” Sandra Thompson., Washington