Can I Sell a House During Georgia Probate?

Sell my house in Ga

Probate process in Georgia is fairly simple, but it does require completion of certain tasks.

Georgia Probate can take years or take less than six months. It depends on how much is in the estate and how many people are inheriting from the estate.

 You can sell a house (or houses) in a Ga state probate if you know how. There are certain procedures that need to be observed before title can transfer. In order to sell a house in probate, you need to understand some of the probate process first. Lets start there…

In layman’s terms, the only person that can legally sell a house is the owner or a person designated by the owner (or court, if the owner did not designate someone before their death). A house in probate has to be sold by the executor or the administrator appointed by the court.

Probate Courts are a very busy place and are forecast to get even busier in the next decade.

If you can lay out a plan that all parties involved can agreed to, the probate process will go much smoother and faster. This means having a person everyone can agree to be the administrator (If the will does not appoint an executor) and having a written plan of what assets will be inherited by each party, including the house.

If the house is being sold, the probate process will go much smoother if you present the court with a written sales agreement for the sale of the house. First, let us assume no one has authority to sell the house. This is where we sign a “letter of intent” to buy the house. This shows the court you have a ready buyer and that aspect of the probate process is already covered.

Now your Georgia Probate has a Plan.

Once the probate judge signs off on the appointment of the executor (or administrator), that person has the right to sell this Georgia house in probate. Now a sales agreement can be signed and the house can be sold. By this time, we have already inspected the house and have a closing attorney ready, so it won’t take any time at all.

The Georgia probate process can be long and drawn out, but with this tip, we can buy your inherited house and get the probate of your loved one completed as fast as possible, so you can get back to family.

Contact us if you need help and good luck.

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