Preparing for Hurricane Irma In Warner Robins.

Preparing for hurricane Irma in Warner Robins

Hurricane Irma in Warner Robins was a wild ride and for many people who are just now getting power back after a week in the dark are learning to appreciate the luxuries like electricity and running water when they have them.

Hurricane Irma did a lot of damage in Florida, but over all, I think Middle Georgia came out a little better than we could have. Most of us were exspecting Hurricane Irma to make  the Warner Robins area look a lot like Florida. I, for one, am glad we lucked out as much as we did. Here is a short video from our sister company.

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BUT, I did learn there were a lot of things I could have done better to insure my family and friends are were more prepared.

I just wanted to pass on some helpful tips to keep your house in tacked thru the next storm, Which will most likely be this time next year. Print out this list and make sure you remember some of these ideas next time a storm threatens your area. Saving House from storm prepare for storm in Warner Robins Georgia

  • Get a commitment from a friend in another part of town to share a freezer if one of you loses power.
  • Save a 50 gallon drum (plastic). Many rural feed and seed stores have them. If a storm comes that might take out power like Hurricane Irma did, unscrew the bottom of your gutters’ down spout and put the drum under it. Now you have rain water to wash hands and flush the toilet
  • Keep all your weak trees cut down. Those are the trees that are most likely going to cause you trouble when the storm hits.
  • At least have a small generator ready. I bought a used one the summer after  hurricane Andrew on Craigslist for almost half price. Most people don’t think they will need it again. My grandpa taught me what happens when you get rid of things you don’t think you need anymore. It cost more later than it would just to take care of it and keep it.
  • Next time you go to the Antique Mall (married guys, you go, you know it), Grab A PERCOLATOR. Nothing makes better coffee and holds up to a campfire like grandma’s percolator. Some cheap cast iron skillets and pots might be good too.
  • Check your property for areas that might flood or get washed out. Make some dirt damns to slow any water flow that might cause a washout. Run trenches away from the basement or foundation areas that might try to hold water.

Water, food saved, erosion controlled, some power for the freezer, NON- Ethanol gas and some lights. That should cover that storm pretty good. Share these ideas and help your neighbors get thru the next one.

Good luck


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