Selling your Houston county Ga house with code violations

Do you own an extra house in Houston county Georgia that needs some work? Has code enforcement sent you a letter about your vacant house? Here is how to sell your house with code violations.   Houston county Georgia is a beautiful place to live and buy a house. There are houses built from every … Continued

Downsize your house in Warner Robins Georgia.

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5 Tips for Selling a House with Damage in Bonaire Ga.

Georgia houses are selling fast in the current market. If the house your selling is in Bonaire Georgia, it won’t take long to get a buyer, as long as it is clean and in good condition. If your house is damaged and you are not able to do the repairs, it may take a while … Continued

Take the Emotion out of Selling your Perry Ga House.

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Sell Your Kathleen Georgia House Fast- Exchange it

Sell Your Kathleen Georgia House Fast- Exchange it   Have you ever exchanged clothes that didn’t fit, exchanged a car for one with more room or a Christmas present you didn’t want? Why can’t we do the same with a house…? Oh wait, WE CAN! You can sell your house in Kathleen Georgia (or anywhere) … Continued

Selling Your Perry Georgia House on Terms

Selling Your Perry Georgia House on Terms Selling your house on terms has a lot of advantages. Many people are not willing to sell their house on terms because they don’t know how or are scared to. If you can learn how to sell your Perry house on terms, you can get a better price … Continued