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    If you’re wanting to sell your house in the Middle Ga, Area, you have a couple options available to you. By the time you have read this, you have already looked at a number of realtor sites and ran across a few that say “We buy houses” or “Sell your house fast” and maybe you’re wondering what the difference is? Well I’m here to shed some light on “Real Estate Agents” vs. “Sell your house for cash” sites. The real estate market here shifted in the last 15 years, to include Real Estate investors who will come to your house and directly make an offer on your home. Many of these so called investors only give a low cash price. A real investor is a Real Estate Problem Solver, not a low-baller, which is why many “Buy your house for cash” companies have gotten a bad reputation. A real home buyer company will have more than one way to buy your property. It’s similar to working with a car dealer, if you don’t like the offer, thank them for their time and go to another dealer, It’s just business. When you find a company that knows how to buy your house, they can usually create a win-win transaction. It most likely won’t be a full priced offer, they have to make a living too, BUT after adding back the repair costs you don’t have to make or the commission you don’t have to pay, it really equates to a fair offer. They will solve your problem of selling a house and they acquire a property. Both parties are happy. If all they can do is low ball you, they are not worth your time. If they make an offer that could solve your problem, but you’re not familiar with the offer they make, don’t be afraid to call an experienced real estate attorney in your area. The buyer making the offer should have the number to a couple local attorneys they deal with, and if they do enough business in the area, the attorney you do decide to call should be familiar with the attorney your buyer suggested or even the buyer himself.Sell your house fast

Many good investors will ask to buy the house on terms. While many of the general public in the Middle Ga, Area may not be familiar with selling a house in this manner, it can be a great way to get closer to your asking price and make back the interest you paid in your mortgage when you bought the house, it’s worth checking into. There is almost always a way to make both parties feel comfortable with the transaction as long as everybody is fair.

The more conventional way to sell a house is to shop around for an agent. A real estate agent will enter an agreement with you to list your house and find a buyer. Most agents will market your house to the general public at fair market price for a commission of the sale price. They earn their pay by bringing you a buyer that will buy your house and advice you on the offer submitted. As in dealing with home buyer companies, there are bad apples in the world of Real Estate Agents as well. A good Real Estate Agent should bring a potential buyer to look at your home at least once every week or so, depending on the market.agent open house Your agent should also schedule an open house to pull multiple buyers to your home every so often. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Some agents called “listing hogs” will list as many properties as possible and wait for another agent to bring them a buyer. They have to split the commission with the buyer’s agent, but they make up for the loss in volume of listings. This means they don’t give your house the attention it deserves. We have sold properties to clients who complained, that the agent helping us sell the house, would never call them back, which costs us time and money. A good agent will bring you a buyer that will pay close to your asking price if your house is in top shape. The bad side is most of an agents’ clients are comparing your house to the latest fashion they see on TV. Your house has to look better than every other house selling in the neighborhood. If you buy a used car from a dealer, you still expect the car to look clean and relatively new, right? The general public buying your house will think the same way. They don’t want to fix or clean anything when they buy your house. Be prepared to do some upgrades or at least some painting before you sell your home. It is still somewhat of a buyer market in Middle Ga, so you have competition out there too. You may have to offer that you’ll pay closing costs. A buyer purchasing a house with a mortgage can have closing costs up to 8-9 thousand dollars. Along with repair and commission for your agent, you may be coming out of pocket to get your house sold.for sale realtorfor sale sold

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Whether you choose to have a real estate agent or sell as-is to an investor house buyer, do your homework and don’t be afraid to ask questions. The goal is to get from “For Sale” to “Sold”. Give us a call and see what we can offer you. It may be the only call you have to make.

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