Foreclosure Process

  A Little History In 2008, a lot of people learned the hard way how the foreclosure process works. In the height of the housing bust, the middle Georgia area (Warner Robins, Macon, Perry, etc.) averaged over a thousand foreclosures every month. Home values dropped an average of 30-40 percent. It was not a fun … Continued

#1 case study- sell a house you rehabbed

Sell a house you rehabbed If you have ever tried to sell a house you rehabbed, it can be a daunting task. Here is a case study you can read thru before you take on a rehab project. We got a call from a seller that had a house they needed to sell. The house … Continued

Securing a vacant house in Macon, Warner Robins

  Securing a vacant house can save you from hundreds of dollars in repairs in the future. If you have a vacant house that you are responsible for, then read this and get some ideas on ensuring your vacant house does not become a demolition project. If you drive around this fair city of ours, … Continued

Selling My House After a Divorce

Selling My House After  a Divorce   Divorce is a leading cause for people to sell their home. Selling a house after divorce can be as nerve racking as the divorce itself. We buy houses from divorce couples quite often and it doesn’t have to be a hassle. “lets see, I have to move my … Continued

Sell your house fast- Price it right

Sell your house fast- Price it right   Selling your house fast takes a little knowledge in the field. This article is intended to explain why you are still trying to sell your house after 90 days on market. Some people seem to think selling a house is a different animal than selling any other … Continued