Preparing for Hurricane Irma In Macon, Warner Robins.

Preparing for hurricane Irma in Hurricane Irma in was a wild ride and for many people who are just now getting power back after a week in the dark are learning to appreciate the luxuries like electricity and running water when they have them. Hurricane Irma did a lot of damage in Florida, but over … Continued

Selling My House After a Divorce

Selling My House After  a Divorce   Divorce is a leading cause for people to sell their home. Selling a house after divorce can be as nerve racking as the divorce itself. We buy houses from divorce couples quite often and it doesn’t have to be a hassle. “lets see, I have to move my … Continued

Sell Your House Fast- Exchange it

  Sell Your House Fast- Exchange it   If you want to sell your house fast- Exchange it. Most of us have exchanged our clothes that didn’t fit, exchanged a car for one with more room or fit a change in our life at the current time. Why can’t we do the same with a … Continued

Tax Tips for Home Buyers

Tax tips for home buyers Taxes play a big role for home buyers. Here are some tax tips for home buyers that will help with the finances later. Let me explain. You’re currently a renter. You rent every month for a “unit” you don’t own. At the end of the year, you cannot claim your … Continued

Sell your house fast- Price it right

Sell your house fast- Price it right   Selling your house fast takes a little knowledge in the field. This article is intended to explain why you are still trying to sell your house after 90 days on market. Some people seem to think selling a house is a different animal than selling any other … Continued